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Our Hospitals in Madrid

Our Hospitals in Madrid

Latest technology & equipment
Highly qualified anaesthetists, doctors & specialist nursing staff

The Hospital also has a large garden area that provides a relaxing atmosphere for our patients.

  • 121 private rooms
  • 24 Hour Emergency Department
  • 12 Operating Theatres
  • Laboratory
  • Intensive Care Unit
    Diagnosis by Image Unit (includes Radiodiagnosis, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance/NMR, Computer Axial Tomography/CAT, Mammography, Radiotherapy Unit and Pharmacy)


The Consultation

It’s easy to contact us and find out more. We are available by email and phone for expert advice without any obligation – and of course you can book a free consultation with our Chief Surgeon, Dr. Marco Vricella.

We offer private & free consultations at any of our offices in either Marbella, Gibraltar or Madrid

Clínica de la Luz

Calle del General Rodrigo, 8
28003 Madrid

Spanish: (+34) 662 936 058


Nisa Pardo de Aravaca Hospital

Calle de la Salle, 12-Salida 10 Nacional VI,
28023 Madrid
Spanish: (+34) 662 936 058


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