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General Information

Rhinoplasty reshapes the bone and cartilage structure of the nose with the aim of achieving a more refined profile and a smaller, more aesthetically pleasing tip, resulting in a nose more in proportion with the rest of the face.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and the duration of the surgery depends on whether the whole or only a part of the nose needs remodelling. In those cases where the patient also has respiratory problems it is possible to treat the internal structures at the same time in order to improve breathing.

Doctor’s Recommendations

The patient needs to be psychologically ready for such an important cosmetic change and should only proceed after careful consideration of the effect it will have on their appearance.


A successful Rhinoplasty will improve natural facial harmony. At the end of the surgery a small plaster is placed over the nose and two packs are placed in the nostrils. Usually, the nasal packs are removed after one day and the plaster one week after surgery. Bruising disappears in the following two weeks or so and most of the swelling in one month. The patient can go back to a normal life at 1-2 weeks after surgery and the final result will be achieved at approximately 1 year.


Can I have the nose I want?

Although every nose improves greatly with surgery not every person can achieve a perfect nose. The amount of improvement is strictly related to the thickness of the skin and the quality, shape and size of the underlying structures (bone and cartilage). It is crucial that the patient is aware of what can be achieved with surgery so that his or her expectations are achievable.

When will I be able to breathe properly?

Once the packing has been removed the patient can breathe normally again. During the following 2-4 weeks some scabs can be formed in the nasal mucosa that can temporarily make breathing more difficult. With local treatment the problem is quickly solved and everything goes back to normal.

Can I go in the sun after Rhinoplasty?

In order to reduce swelling and have a quicker recovery it is advisable not to sunbathe for about 1 month after surgery.

Can I wear glasses after surgery?

Patients cannot wear glasses for 3 months after surgery to give the nose time to recover from the surgery.

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