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Thigh Lift

General Information

As we age, or as a consequence of weight loss, the skin on the inside of the thighs can lose elasticity and sag, creating unsightly folds. With Thigh Lift Surgery, the surgeon removes excess skin esta, tightening it. The scar is hidden Within the groin. Sometimes liposuction (if necessary) can Be Performed at the same time. The surgery is performed under a general anesthesia and lasts about 2 hours.

It is possible to have some swelling and bruising afterwards, but esta Greatly Improves Usually after 1 or 2 weeks. The patient needs to take things easy INITIALLY, but from the 3rd or 4th week it is possible to resume regular activities.

Doctor’s Recommendations

If you are in the process of losing weight, it is best to reach your target weight before going ahead With surgery.


This procedure achieves excellent results in the majority of cases, reducing excess skin and fat in the thigh area. The results are firmer, thinner inner thighs.


How long is the recovery?

During the first week or two the patient can feel some discomfort Caused by Localised swelling and tenderness. A compression garment has to be worn for About four weeks, after 2 weeks, Although, When the stitches are removed, regular activity can begin to resume.

Will Affect the surgery the knee area?

Thigh Lift Surgery is Performed only in the upper half of the thigh and the results THEREFORE lower thigh, or knee area.

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