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Free, Private Cosmetic Surgery Consultations in Gibraltar; Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 2017

Before making any decision on going ahead with a Cosmetic Surgery procedure, you are recommended to become as fully informed as you can about the treatment, your suitability for surgery, the results (as well as the risks) the qualifications of your surgeon as well as information about your hospital and medical team.

That’s why at Aria Medical Group, we follow best practice, and offer no-obligation free and private consultations with a specialist cosmetic surgeon. You can ask all the questions you wish.

For residents of Gibraltar we are offering these free cosmetic surgery consultations about every two weeks at the College Clinic (Regal House,Queensway, Gibraltar). Forthcoming dates are:

Sep: 5 and 19

Oct: 3, 17 and 31

Nov: 14 and 27

Dec: 12

Please Contact us to reserve your free consultation.

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