Gift yourself a younger looking face & neck

Most of us over 40 know how it feels; to look in the mirror and notice that our skin is losing its ability to bounce back in the mornings. Bags under the eyes seem more noticeable, skin is tired looking, lines deeper around the eyes, and mouth, and the neck is getting loose and saggy.

Although diet, exercise and moisturisers can help maintain healthier skin, the natural aging process means that it is inevitable that our faces and necks will age as natural collagen production declines and gravity and environmental exposure take their toll. This can make us look more tired and older than we feel; affecting self-esteem.

So what’s really at the top of your Wish List? Do you wish to look younger and feel more confident and positive? If so, then it might be worthwhile finding out more about how cosmetic surgery can help.

Minimally Invasive Facial Surgery

There are a number of discreet and highly effective cosmetic procedures that can successfully address these issues, smoothing out wrinkles, tightening underlying tissue, removing excess skin on the cheeks and neck, and giving a more overall youthful appearance.

However we understand that some are anxious about facial surgery, not wishing to have that rather unattractive ‘wind tunnel’ look of an over-stretched face.

The truth is, modern ‘minimally invasive’ techniques are highly effective and with minimal scarring, giving very natural looking results! These days, most people who have face and neck lifts and/or eye bag removal often keep it a secret! They say their fresh, healthy look is down to ‘good genes’ and diet; well more often than not it’s down to a great surgeon!

Dr. Marco Vricella explains, “I perform the surgery under a very safe general anaesthetic and after 2 nights at a private. Luxury hospital, and then the patient can go home. When I lift the face the scars are placed in the natural fold right in front of the ears, and when I lift the neck the scars run in the fold behind the ears and into the hair line so that they are very well hidden. In addition to pulling and redraping the skin, I also place sutures in the underlying facial muscles, in order to give a more natural yet long lasting result.”

So this could be your month to start making these dreams a reality.

January and February are a good time to discreetly have a procedure, that’s why these months are popular for all types of cosmetic surgery, allowing you to start the New Year looking and feeling like a New You.


So, why not consider a private consultation with Dr. Marco Vricella of Aria Medical Group?


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