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As time goes by the skin loses the ability to retain water and produce substances that are responsible for the skin’s elasticity, firmness and tone.

These changes are attributed to genetic factors as well as lifestyle factors such as exposure to the sun and smoking.

In order to recover the loss of volume that appears in the face as time goes by, to correct facial lines and to regain a more youthful skin, fillers based on Hyaluronic Acid can be used.

These products are of very high quality and extremely safe and the possible side effects are absolutely minimal. Some temporary swelling and bruising in the areas treated is possible and if any slight asymmetry appears it can be easily corrected with a small touch-up.

Doctor’s Recommendations

It is extremely important to choose the right type of product for the specific problem for each individual patient. The patient should avoid exposing the area treated to the direct sun until the first few days have gone by so that the swelling disappears more quickly.

Patients can practically go back right away to their normal activities although it is not recomended to have this treatment done just a few hours before going to a social event.


Results are usually of high satisfaction for the patient because a great improvement can be achieved in areas where many people lose volume as the years go by (cheek bones, lips) or in natural folds that become more visible over the years (nasal labial folds, marionette lines). Great care must be taken by the doctor in order to achieve the most natural result possible, thereby avoiding a “faked look”. It is much better to go back to the specialist for a little “touch-up” rather than having too much product placed in one go.to lie with their forehead raised for 24 hours.


It is a very safe treatment. However temporary bruising and swelling can appear in the areas treated.

If the patient suffers from cold sores, diseases of the immune system, such as lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis the doctor has to assess whether or not the treatment is possible.

Following the consultation the specialist can choose from a wide range of products and will use the most appropriate product for the specific problem of the patient, the area to be treated and the quality of the tissues.

It can last anywhere between 2 and 6 months. The duration depends on the density of the product that has been used and on the patient’s capacity to metabolize and reabsorb the filler.

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