Interview with Dr. Marco Vricella, Specialist Cosmetic Surgeon

We take a consultation with Dr. Marco Vricella, whose reputation, and volume of procedures, probably makes him Gibraltar’s favourite Cosmetic Surgeon.

Why do people have cosmetic? Is it simply vanity?

Well, the reasons for having cosmetic surgery as are varied as the people that choose to have an elective procedure. It has taken many years, but we are now seeing an erosion of the perceived wisdom that cosmetic surgery is simply for vanity. It is understood that the benefits of surgery can be physical and emotional.

There will always be high profile media cases of movie stars and public figures having noticeable surgery to supposedly ‘turn back the clock’; yet in my personal experience my clients choose cosmetic surgery to address a near lifelong issue – not simply to look younger. For example, sagging, tired looking eyes can be improved with eye surgery, called Blepharoplasty. For men, it’s the most requested procedure, with the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) suggesting a 15% increase in operations for men.

Women choose breast reductions and uplifts not simply to have a more attractive figure, but because they have suffered years of back and neck pain, and discomfort from their bra straps cutting into their shoulders. Mothers and people who have lost a lot of weight, who have lived for years with unsightly sagging stomach tissue, choose an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

These are all issues that cannot be addressed by diet or exercise. Only cosmetic surgery can offer the results that these people have been thinking of and dreaming of for many years.

The results, in my experience, lead to significantly higher levels of self-confidence, self-esteem and well-being. This is much more profound than just simply vanity.

What are the most requested procedures?

For women, this is undoubtedly breast augmentation. One might expect that this would be for younger women wanting fuller breasts, but in fact we have many mature women who want a better shape, following aging, weight-loss or having children. Breast reduction is also increasing at about 12-13% a year, as is face and neck lift surgery.

For men, as I mentioned, eye bag removal is the most requested, and male breast reduction – both procedures that offer excellent results.

My team and I pride ourselves on our discretion so many clients turn to Aria, as they can be assured of total confidentiality. In addition, we offer all our procedures in Marbella, so clients have privacy in our private hospital.

What’s the first step for someone who wants to have cosmetic surgery?

Without doubt, the most important thing is for a person to be fully informed about the procedure they want.  Our website features videos on the main procedures, together with in-depth information. We also have a section dedicated to case studies, so one can read about how others have felt about a procedure, their recovery and the aftercare.

At Aria Medical Group we offer free, private consultations, so if a client is interested in a procedure and wants to understand how well they are personally suited to cosmetic surgery, then then can meet me at College Clinic, without any obligation. Each person should expect different results based on their health, age and physique, and it is only with a surgeon consultation that one can become properly informed.

When a client attends a consultation, make sure it is with a surgeon, not a nurse. Ask the surgeon about their qualifications, (for example I’m a registered specialist in Cosmetic Surgery), and make sure they are more than a general surgeon; ask too about the hospital; the medical team and very importantly, ask about Aftercare – we include Aftercare with all our procedures.

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