Mini Tummy Tuck/Liposuction and Breast Augmentation/Uplift – January 2014

Laura* recently had a cosmetic procedure with Aria Medical Group. In fact it was a twin procedure, combining a mini-tummy tuck & liposuction together with a breast augmentation & uplift.

Now, just into her 5th week after the surgery, Laura is well on the way to a full recovery and wants to share her experiences for the benefit of other women considering these procedures.

Why did you choose cosmetic surgery?

‘I’m a mother of two young children. Both pregnancies had a real impact on my body and I just wanted to get my figure back. I’m 29 years old, yet my tummy had saggy skin and my breasts had lost their shape and were too big and hanging down.

There is a 6 year gap between my children, so I knew that although I had left time for my body to recovery naturally after my first child, it never bounced back. So having had my second child, with no plans for more, I was ready to have surgery to reclaim my figure.

I had scar tissue on my stomach from my two caesarean births and also from an operation I had when I was young due to Crohn’s disease, so I was really hoping that the mini tummy tuck could improve these.

Where you concerned about surgery?

Having had ops before, and two children I wasn’t particular concerned about having a cosmetic procedure. I was more concerned about having two procedures at the same time. As a young mother I knew that it would be difficult to make all the arrangements for my family if I was to have the procedures apart, so I opted to have them together which I was told is common. Apparently breast surgery with abdominal surgery at the same time is the most popular “multiple” procedure.

I was a little concerned about pain though, as I recalled the recovery from the caesareans was very uncomfortable. However Dr. Marco Vricella explained to me during my private consultation that the mini tummy tuck was less invasive than a caesarean as it doesn’t affect as many layers of tissue, so he reassured me that the recovery would be easier – and he was right.

Tell us about the procedure

‘Well, I made arrangements with my husband and mother so that the children could be taken care of whilst I was in the HC Hospital and later recovering. I told a few close friends as well so they would be on hand too to help if needed.

On the morning of the procedure my husband took me to the HC Hospital and I was taken to my private room. I have to say at this point I was feeling a little nervous, as I suddenly realised this is it, I was having the procedures.

The nursing and medical team at Aria Medical Group and the HC Hospital were fantastic. They took time to explain everything to me in advance, to make sure I was again fully informed and feeling more at ease, before being taken to the operating theatre. I have to say that I was very impressed by Louise Truelove my patient care coordinator and the whole team.

Recovery & Results

After the procedures I stayed at the HC Hospital for two nights. The first day I was still affected by the anaesthetic so I slept most of the time. By the end of the second day I was feeling alert and more mobile and certainly ready to be at home.

The hospital was very comfortable but it was great to be back at home. The first two weeks I was wasn’t able to do much and my husband was amazing, taking care of me. My mother looked after the children at first, so really everyone supported me. The pain was totally manageable and easier to deal with than from my previous experiences of surgery.

My family knew I had been wanting this operation since the birth of my first child 8 years ago, so it was a dream come true.

Dr. Marco Vricella was able to remove the scars from my caesareans and my other op, and now looking at my flat stomach I feel 16 again! My clothes feel so big on me, so I can’t wait to go shopping and buy new, close fitting clothes!

*For privacy, we change clients’ names, but all testimonials are genuine.


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