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Meet Louise Truelove, Aria Medical Group

Louise is our Chief Patient Care Co-ordinator. Louise is usually the first person clients speak to at Aria Medical Group. Not only is she the driving force behind the smooth management of client consultations, operations & post procedure follow ups but she is

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – 25th Anniversary

Here at Aria Medical Group we’d like to share the news that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, Breast Cancer Care is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the pink ribbon, a powerful symbol for millions of people affected

Breast Uplift; a more youthful look, without implants

A Mastopexy procedure can address sagging breasts Aging, significant weight-loss, or sometimes breast-feeding can alter your breasts, causing them to sag, and lose their shape. Cosmetic Surgery can reverse this, by removing stretched and excess skin and reshaping the breast

Free, Private Cosmetic Surgery Consultations in Gibraltar; Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 2017

Before making any decision on going ahead with a Cosmetic Surgery procedure, you are recommended to become as fully informed as you can about the treatment, your suitability for surgery, the results (as well as the risks) the qualifications of

Thinking about Cosmetic Surgery? Read our client case studies…

All our communications here at Aria Medical Group have the main objective of informing you. If you are considering a Cosmetic Surgery procedure, the most important thing is to get informed! Making the decision to choose to have surgery is

Interview with Dr. Marco Vricella, Specialist Cosmetic Surgeon

We take a consultation with Dr. Marco Vricella, whose reputation, and volume of procedures, probably makes him Gibraltar’s favourite Cosmetic Surgeon. Why do people have cosmetic? Is it simply vanity? Well, the reasons for having cosmetic surgery as are varied

Are you bothered by droopy upper eye lids or bags under your eyes?

Rid yourself of that ‘tired’ look; appear more alert; look younger… just some of the advantages of Blepharoplasty, a cosmetic surgery procedure popular with both men and women. One can have an Upper Blepharoplasty which addresses the excess ‘droopy’ skin

AfterCare – Cosmetic Surgery Peace of Mind

AfterCare is an integral part of our service. All Aria Medical Group’s procedures include personalised AfterCare –  with no hidden extras     Dr. Marco Vricella is a qualified Doctor and qualified Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon, registered with all the

Regain a flatter stomach after childbirth…with an Abdominoplasty

Dr. Marco Vricella uses the latest techniques to enable women to lose that sagging skin and fat around the abdomen Mothers know that pregnancy can permanently change the look of the stomach, as the muscles are stretched and damaged. Also,

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