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General Information

The specialist will suggest the best type of vitamin treatment that fulfils each patient’s individual needs, sometimes in association with other non-surgical treatments, in order to produce the best possible results. Your Aria Medical Group Doctor may also suggest that you might wish to consider cosmetic surgery, for example facelift surgery, in order to obtain the effect you are looking for.

Many of the treatments can be performed in less than an hour, with a quick recovery allowing you to be able to enjoy the benefits of feeling younger in just a few days. To have a radiant skin, it is possible to promote the renewal of the skin through a course of chemical peels that are applied over the course of several sessions in order to minimize redness and to achieve the best possible skin tone, improving stains and helping to repair sun damage.

Doctor’s Recommendations

We use this technique for the treatment of all skin problems that can benefit from an accelerated renewal of the superficial epidermis, such as sun spots and skin showing signs of aging.


A few days after treatment a significant improvement will be noticeable. Of course, the application of sunscreen on treated area is required. The results are highly visible with the emergence of a renewed, smoother, younger looking skin with a marked improvement in the texture.


How much do I have to wait for a new treatment?

It is advisable to leave the skin a reasonable rest time before any other treatment is performed, although in each case the doctor will give you his/her particular recommendation.

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