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Upper Blepharoplasty – upper eye lid surgery

Ms B - Gibraltar


My decision to have cosmetic surgery was motivated by a combination of wellbeing and health issues.
My droopy eyelids not only affected by self-confidence but also, when my sinuses would flair up with seasonal allergies, my eyes would almost close. This has been an issue for a long time, but in the last few years I just knew I should have cosmetic surgery - an Upper Blepharoplasty which corrects the excess skin above the eyes.
I felt more confident about having the procedure when a close friend had a breast op. and I could see how well that had gone. My friend appeared much happier afterwards; her self-confidence and self-esteem were so much better.
I wanted to feel that way too.
The droopy, loose skin over my eyes made me feel very uncomfortable, so I refused to be in photos. When I had sinusitis I almost couldn’t go out.
I had also given up on putting on eye make-up; there was just no point.
I used to start looking at other people’s faces, at their eyes and would just wish I had eyes like theirs!
So, I decided to go ahead with booking a consultation, and having the cosmetic surgery.
It was a private decision. I only shared it with one member of my family and with a close friend. I wanted to be discreet about it and Aria Medial Group understood that – they were great.
Gibraltar is a small community and I had heard about Dr. Marco Vricella and Aria Medical Group. He has a good reputation in Gib which is important, so I felt confident to go ahead and have a consultation.
Although I could have had a consultation here in Gibraltar, for discretion, I chose to go to Aria’s private Marbella hospital in the autumn of 2016. I met first with Louise Truelove the chief Patient Care Coordinator and then with Dr. Marco Vricella for the private consultation.
I was accompanied to the consultation by a friend, who works in nursing, so she could ask extra questions, like details of the anaesthetist etc. My friend felt confident with Aria Medical Group and Dr. Vricella and so did I – I felt ready to move forward.
The pre-op tests were conducted in a swift, friendly and professional way. I have worked in the medical sector myself so I recognise that Aria was well organised, and things were being done correctly. This made me confident for the op.


It wasn’t until this spring, in March 2017 that I had the Upper Blepharoplasty procedure to remove the excess skin above my eyes. I had a general anaesthetic, so I stayed overnight in the private hospital, in a very comfortable room.
I must say that from the moment I arrived at the hospital, the service was brilliant. The procedure went smoothly and afterwards I was taken to my private room to recuperate.
When I came round from the operation a nurse was putting cool gauzes on my eyes to help with the pain and swelling but I could still see.
Dr. Vricella told me the op. had gone very well.
I have had medical procedures before, for the likes of broken bones, but for me this Blepharoplasty procedure was much easier. It felt as if it was almost over as a soon as it was started.


After my recovering the following day at the hospital I went home. In my experience the recovery was much easier and more comfortable than I could have imagined.
By day 3 after the procedure I wasn’t in any discomfort, although of course my eyes were still swollen. I didn’t need pain killers but I took the prescribed anti-inflammatory tablets as recommended, helping accelerate the healing.
During my aftercare follow-up meeting with Dr. Vricella, he commented just how impressed he was with my results and my recovery. Now, after two weeks I don’t have any bruising at all. I must admit I did follow the medical team’s advice ‘to the letter’. So, for example I followed the suggestion of Tanya, Aria’s Chief Nurse, to regularly apply gauzes with chamomile.


By day 4 I could see the results! It was a fantastic feeling! I was overwhelmed by how good the results already were! I felt emotional, seeing how my face had changed, after all these years thinking about and waiting for a procedure.
Now, just few weeks after the op. I am enjoying putting on eye make-up again for the first time in years!
I feel great – so much more confident.
My advice to anyone thinking about a procedure like this, is to go for it. It’s remarkable how a change like this can make you feel so different.
The few friends who I have told about the op. are so happy for me!! They tell me I look much younger!
The funny thing is that although I am in the 50s, I didn’t want to have the procedure because I wanted to turn back the clock; I simply wanted to get rid of my droopy eye lids to allow me to have open eyes; to feel good about myself when I went out; to enjoy wearing eye make-up; and not be affected so much when I suffered allergies or sinus issues.
I see this positive reaction from other Aria clients. For example I was in the waiting room for an aftercare follow-up consultation and another client who had recently had a tummy tuck couldn’t help but show me their result and say just how happy they were to have had cosmetic surgery!
Like the other clients, my upper eye lid surgery has been a real success.
I am happy to recommend Dr. Marco Vricella and Aria Medical Group.

Breast Augmentation

I decided to get some advice from Dr Vricella as two colleagues at work had had surgery performed by him. During my consultation Dr Vricella explained the procedure very clearly and in a manner which was very re-assuring.

Mrs C.L., Malaga
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Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty

‘It actually took a week before I could see the initial results. I had to wait for the plasters to be removed and the stitches taken out. I have to say the worse part of the procedure was my concern about the pain of having the stitches out! I was really worried about it.
‘Yet Tanya the nurse understood the concerns and really took it slowly so I didn’t have any pain.
‘Then she handed me a mirror so I could take a look, I just felt ‘wow’; it was fabulous, I was so happy with the results!
‘Then the scars were covered with healing tape for a few days. From then on I was able to wear light make-up and carry on as normal.
‘That first week or so after the surgery I was just SO excited, so happy that I had go ahead and finally done it. Finally after all these years I was without my eye bags. I couldn’t stop smiling, I felt like I was on a high!
‘This op was just so important for me. It was not about a superficial desire to be prettier. I just wanted to rid myself of those eye bags which I had lived with all my adult life.
Now, a few weeks later I think the results are amazing. The incision scar now is just a small, fine line which will reduce even more with time.
As a woman about to be 50 I think the result looks really natural, my face doesn’t looked fake. My eyes look the same, just my face looks healthier and not tired anymore.
So I have to say I am thrilled with the results.

Sharon, Costa del Sol
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I have to say I am so pleased with the results that I would recommend ARIA to anyone thinking of having eye bag removal.

Mrs. M. W., Gibraltar
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