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Breast Augmentation

Mrs. J. C. - Gibraltar


After having 4 children I have always wanted to have a Breast Augmentation, although I never thought it was something I would do. I was always a little worried about going under the knife for vanity reasons. I started going to the gym and started to like the look of my body, except for that one area. Nothing I did in the gym was going to be able to change my breasts, so I finally made the decision to go for it.

I spoke to many people and friends who had it done and the one surgeon’s name that kept coming up was Dr Marco Vricella of Aria Medical Group. I went to the consultation and did not have to sit in a waiting room anxious, as I was met by Louise Truelove, my Patient Co-Ordinator, within minutes. Both made me feel so at ease and very comfortable. Louise then took me into the room where I met Dr Vricella; he also made me feel calm and relaxed as he told me everything I needed to know about Breast Augmentation surgery. On that one meeting I knew I wanted it done for sure and that Dr Vricella was going to be the surgeon to do it for me.


I went in for surgery and everything about it was actually pleasant! All the staff were very friendly, I did not feel at all nervous at any point. Before I knew it I woke up and was being taken good care of by the staff at the beautiful HC International Hospital. I remember the nurse asking if I was cold then put a tube in my blanket blowing warm air, that just made me fall back asleep it was so lovely. Next time I woke up in my room and was amazed that there was hardly any pain. I remember thinking “this can’t be right” and was expecting that the pain was going to hit me with a vengeance very soon but that never happened. Yes there was some discomfort - I wouldn’t have been normal if there wasn’t - but it was bearable, not at all as bad as I thought it would be.


The day after Dr Vricella and Damien Moore, Aria’s Specialist Nurse, came to see me. They took off my bandages and WOW! My breasts were swollen so were slightly bigger than they will be, but I loved the results immediately.

Days passed, and apart from being tired and a bit uncomfortable, I was out and about 3 days later.


I am so pleased with the results and the service I received - and still am receiving - that I felt I had to let the staff at ARIA know. I love my new body and I have Dr Vricella, Louise and Damien to thank for that, so thanks guys!!

Breast Reduction

I would like to thank them all, but most of all Dr Marco Vricella, Damien Moore and Louise Truelove for their help in changing my life. I agree with Louise 100% when she says the procedure I had was not just cosmetic surgery but life changing surgery.
Many thanks to all at Aria Medical group, you gave me back my confidence and now I walk tall.

Mrs H., Marbella
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Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty

‘It actually took a week before I could see the initial results. I had to wait for the plasters to be removed and the stitches taken out. I have to say the worse part of the procedure was my concern about the pain of having the stitches out! I was really worried about it.
‘Yet Tanya the nurse understood the concerns and really took it slowly so I didn’t have any pain.
‘Then she handed me a mirror so I could take a look, I just felt ‘wow’; it was fabulous, I was so happy with the results!
‘Then the scars were covered with healing tape for a few days. From then on I was able to wear light make-up and carry on as normal.
‘That first week or so after the surgery I was just SO excited, so happy that I had go ahead and finally done it. Finally after all these years I was without my eye bags. I couldn’t stop smiling, I felt like I was on a high!
‘This op was just so important for me. It was not about a superficial desire to be prettier. I just wanted to rid myself of those eye bags which I had lived with all my adult life.
Now, a few weeks later I think the results are amazing. The incision scar now is just a small, fine line which will reduce even more with time.
As a woman about to be 50 I think the result looks really natural, my face doesn’t looked fake. My eyes look the same, just my face looks healthier and not tired anymore.
So I have to say I am thrilled with the results.

Sharon, Costa del Sol
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Breast Reduction

In conclusion I am so happy and to top it all off my breasts look amazing. Thank you Dr Vricella you truly are a magician.

Mrs. C.L., Gibraltar
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