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Breast Augmentation & Uplift

Ms L, Gibraltar - Gibraltar


I’m in my late 30s and I’m a mother of two children. After having the children my breasts changed, and after losing some weight my breasts were noticeably sagging. They were also causing me back-ache and neck pain too when I would have to stand for long periods at work.
When I was younger I never really thought about my breasts. I knew they were not perfectly balanced, but it wasn’t until I was a bit older, having had children, that I wanted to do something about them.
I also was tired of the way I looked and how I felt in my clothes. I wanted to restore my self-confidence.
For me, my femininity and confidence are linked to the way I look and to how my breasts look, so I knew I had to go ahead and do something.


I have a salon and I had heard about Aria Medical Group from clients who were happy to recommend the company and Dr Marco Vricella.
The consultation with Aria was free, so I felt I had nothing to lose by going along. Clients were really happy with their results, so I thought I’d go to College Clinic for a private consultation.
When I booked the consultation, my expectation was to have a Breast Uplift, to deal with my sagging breasts.
Yet once I was in the consultation with Dr. Marco Vricella, he suggested a different approach. I was shy of course, but Dr Vricella made me feel at ease and confident so I found it easy to talk about my breasts – I felt comfortable with him.
He was a true professional and so insightful. He recommended that I have a Breast Augmentation with Uplift to give a better aesthetic result. He recognised that my breasts would benefit from being slightly fuller and lifted. After the surgery I realised he was so right!
The Procedure
Meeting Louise, the Chief Patient Care Co-ordinator was a pleasure. She’s so friendly and helpful. From the moment of booking the consultation, to the day of the procedure, and through the aftercare Louise has been with me all the way.
I really felt confident with the team, and things just went so smoothly from having my pre-op tests to arranging the surgery date.
I went to Aria Medical Group’s private hospital in Marbella for the surgery. I was accompanied by my husband, and we were both shown to my lovely private room. The medical nurses helped me prepare for the op. The team made me feel relaxed, calm and confident.
The private hospital is so different from what we are used to with public health. It’s a beautiful place with gardens – it has a tranquil atmosphere.


After the operation I had some discomfort, but it was manageable and Tanya the clinical services manager and the medical team helped me with advice and painkillers.
Also, I found it much easier to deal with, as the operation was something I had wanted – I was not ill, so I was able to easily deal with the discomfort, as I knew it was for something I wanted – to have better looking breasts.
It wasn’t until day two that my bandages were removed and I could see the results. Of course, I was swollen, but I was smiling so much as I could tell just how great they looked.
For the first week, I really took it easy, following advice from Tanya. She was excellent, and she was always available at whatever time, on the phone or via messaging, if I had any questions or concerns.
The main thing was that I wanted to make sure I didn’t undo any of the splendid work of the surgeon – I wanted to heal well. So I took it easy.
The slight discomfort continued for a few weeks, at night-time, but it was fine.
The Aftercare from Aria was great. Regular check-ups and follow ups so I really felt everything was under control. The team at Aria is always thinking about my well-being – I am impressed.


When I came back to work I decided to tell a few people about the operation. I was just so happy with the results that I wanted to share how I felt. Now some of my clients want to have the operation too!
I am super happy – really, really pleased with the results.
I just want to go shopping for new clothes!!
Since the surgery, I’ve noticed the pain in my neck and back has gone; which is great as I spend a lot of time on my feet in my job, so not only do I feel more feminine, but my overall health is improved because of the surgery.
I feel more attractive; and much more confident.
My husband was worried about me having surgery but he really supported me, and he also felt that I was in safe hands with Aria Medical Group.
I know that Aria Medical Group are not the cheapest choice for breast surgery; I could have had the operation cheaper. But that wasn’t my priority. I wanted to feel confident, safe and have the assurance of a good result.
I really trust Aria Medical Group. I now, after talking with my friends and clients, see just how many other happy patients they have.

Breast Reduction

‘I am so happy with the results. I would say to any woman that is considering this procedure not to delay the decision!’
‘The results for me have been wonderful.’
‘Dr. Vricella is clearly more than just a talented surgeon, he really values aesthetics. The skill and care with which he performed my procedure is something my partner and I really value. My breasts look and feel great.’
‘My breast reduction is fantastic! I am so happy with it. I’ve retained complete sensitivity in my breasts and nipples and they look great. The lines from the incisions are so good that even now, so soon after surgery, they are hardly noticeable. I can’t wait for summer!’
‘My clothes fit so much better, and I am able to truly enjoy sport. What’s more the scars and grooves in my shoulders from years of wearing a heavy bra are already softening. I don’t feel any discomfort anymore in my back and neck and I don’t get migraines any more. I feel that this has been a real investment in my long term health and well-being. I think Marco is brilliant!’

Cara, Sotogrande
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Breast Augmentation

‘Firstly I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Vricella and the whole team; you are all absolutely amazing and I can’t thank you enough for the care and attention I received from everyone and of course for my beautiful new look!
I’m recovering extremely well and almost in no pain anymore, have my follow up with Tanya this afternoon and I’m pretty sure she will be happy with my healing process’.

Mrs K, Gibraltar
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The scar is very low and I love being back in my miniskirts this summer. I even went to a nice lingerie shop and brought a few matching sets and new bikinis which I wear with confidence. I never realized how low my confidence was with my body until after this operation. My relationship with my husband is back to what it was when we first met, I go out with my friends more, and most importantly I’m posing in photos with my kids.

I show my operation scar to everyone, as I’m so proud of the results. Some people think I’m crazy for having it done, however the way I see it, if you have a problem/illness with your body then you would see a doctor to get it sorted. That’s what I did with my tummy tuck.
Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!

Mrs D, Gibraltar
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