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Breast Reduction

Mrs. C.L. - Gibraltar


I’m a 29 year old mother of a two year old. I have for years wanted to have a breast reduction but had always decided against it as I knew that I would eventually have a child and thought it wise not to have surgery before then. Once I had my child I thought more and more about having surgery especially since I breast-fed and my breasts had become extremely saggy.
I decided to get some advice from Dr Vricella as two colleagues at work had had surgery performed by him and were ecstatic at the results. During my consultation Dr Vricella explained the procedure very clearly and in a manner which was very re-assuring. I then met Louise Truelove his patient co-ordinator who is not only friendly, but extremely professional and honest. Louise helped me in considering whether it was the right time for my surgery or not, especially since I had a two year old.


After carefully considering I decided to go ahead and book my surgery.
I have now had my surgery and all I can say is “Thank god I chose the Aria Medical Group”. They have been extremely professional throughout the whole experience.
You are probably thinking, why? Well to start off I have a complicated medical family history. After finding out about my family history they were very cautious and carried out endless tests. It was extremely re-assuring as I knew that my safety was being put first at all times.


Once I had surgery the care during my two night stay at hospital was superb. The staff at the HC International are amazing and the amenities are fantastic. I felt like I was staying in a 5* hotel and not in a hospital.
The after care is fantastic, especially since after the first week they come to your own home for your first follow up appointment, and afterwards I’ll see them in Gibraltar – I won’t have to traipse over to Marbella each time, which is really helpful, as there are at least 6 follow up appointments in the first year.


In conclusion I am so happy and to top it all off my breasts look amazing. Thank you Dr Vricella you truly are a magician.

Breast Reduction

‘I am so happy with the results. I would say to any woman that is considering this procedure not to delay the decision!’
‘The results for me have been wonderful.’
‘Dr. Vricella is clearly more than just a talented surgeon, he really values aesthetics. The skill and care with which he performed my procedure is something my partner and I really value. My breasts look and feel great.’
‘My breast reduction is fantastic! I am so happy with it. I’ve retained complete sensitivity in my breasts and nipples and they look great. The lines from the incisions are so good that even now, so soon after surgery, they are hardly noticeable. I can’t wait for summer!’
‘My clothes fit so much better, and I am able to truly enjoy sport. What’s more the scars and grooves in my shoulders from years of wearing a heavy bra are already softening. I don’t feel any discomfort anymore in my back and neck and I don’t get migraines any more. I feel that this has been a real investment in my long term health and well-being. I think Marco is brilliant!’

Cara, Sotogrande
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Breast Augmentation/Enlargement

It has now been 2 months since I had the augmentation and am thrilled with the results! The operation has boosted my self-confidence and I feel that this has been one of the best decisions I have ever taken. I definitely recommend Dr Vricella and his team to anyone considering undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Mrs. C., Gibraltar
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Upper Blepharoplasty.

I just wanted to say how extremely happy I am after having an Upper Blepharoplasty. The procedure was done by Dr Marco Vricella at Marbella High Care hospital. I can’t praise him, Louise Truelove and Tanya Keble enough for their enormous love and care before and after my operation. I am over the moon with my results and I would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about having this procedure done.
The professional work and care is second to none
Thank you guys for everything.

Ms Emma, Marbella
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