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Abdominoplasty; then Breast Augmentation & Uplift

Mrs. W - Marbella


After thinking about it long and hard, and spending some considerable time soul searching and lacking in confidence, I finally decided I wanted to have surgery done. Since having my daughter by emergency caesarean, I had a pouch around my stomach area. I had also gained a lot of weight during pregnancy which, although I lost most of it, I didn't ever seem to be able to lose it from around my tummy. One of the main areas where I lost weight was by breasts (which weren't big to begin with!) I was so unhappy with my shape for years, and no matter what I did, it didn't seem to make a difference to these areas.
So, I contacted a few different surgeons, and decided upon Aria Medical Group. The reason I chose Aria was because of how I was made to feel during our first consultation. I didn't feel rushed. Any questions I had were answered, no matter how silly I thought they were. The care and attention to detail I was given made all the difference. I was made to feel welcome and everything was explained to me in simple terms.


My initial operation was for a tummy tuck. This was in November of 2010. After the success of this I decided to have breast augmentation and uplift in December 2011. Again, the same care and attention to detail was given to me at every stage. At the initial visits and at all the follow-ups, I was very well looked after. There are many follow up meetings, which is fantastic. On the day of the surgery, I was greeted at reception by Louise Truelove, the Patient Co-Ordinator, and shown to my room. The rooms are very comfortable and have everything you can possibly need. Once I had changed out of my clothes, I was met by Dr Marco Vricella and Damien Moore, the Specialist Nurse, where we went over everything once again just prior to surgery. The next thing I remember is waking up and being taken back to my room. It was over and I couldn't wait to see the results. Again, the hospital staff were all wonderful and very caring.


On returning home after I was discharged by Dr Vricella, I even received follow up phone calls and emails from Louise to ensure I was OK.


I can't believe I waited so long to have the surgery, and would have no hesitation in recommending Aria and the team to anyone. The change in my life is incredible.

Breast Augmentation

Since I had mine done my friend has booked her operation for this week. I must admit that my life has changed tremendously - I am finally happy with the way I look! My clothes fit differently and I must admit I now feel like a complete woman. Thank you Doctor Vricella, Louise Truelove and of course Damien Moore - between you all you have changed my life!

Gillaine, Gibraltar
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Breast Augmentation

I am so pleased with the results and the service I received - and still am receiving - that I felt I had to let the staff at ARIA know. I love my new body and I have Dr Vricella, Louise and Damien to thank for that, so thanks guys!!

Mrs. J. C., Gibraltar
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Upper Blepharoplasty – upper eye lid surgery

By day 4 I could see the results! It was a fantastic feeling! I was overwhelmed by how good the results already were! I felt emotional, seeing how my face had changed, after all these years thinking about and waiting for a procedure.
Now, just few weeks after the op. I am enjoying putting on eye make-up again for the first time in years!
I feel great – so much more confident.
My advice to anyone thinking about a procedure like this, is to go for it. It’s remarkable how a change like this can make you feel so different.
The few friends who I have told about the op. are so happy for me!! They tell me I look much younger!
The funny thing is that although I am in the 50s, I didn’t want to have the procedure because I wanted to turn back the clock; I simply wanted to get rid of my droopy eye lids to allow me to have open eyes; to feel good about myself when I went out; to enjoy wearing eye make-up; and not be affected so much when I suffered allergies or sinus issues.
I see this positive reaction from other Aria clients. For example I was in the waiting room for an aftercare follow-up consultation and another client who had recently had a tummy tuck couldn’t help but show me their result and say just how happy they were to have had cosmetic surgery!
Like the other clients, my upper eye lid surgery has been a real success.
I am happy to recommend Dr. Marco Vricella and Aria Medical Group.

Ms B, Gibraltar
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