Upper Blepharoplasty

‘I chose Dr. Marco Vricella and Aria Medical Group for my  upper eyelid surgery, as they were recommended to me by a friend. I wanted a natural looking result, for which Dr. Vricella is renowned.

I had no pain after the procedure. I took just one paracetamol. It’s only a few weeks since the procedure, but already I am now thinking of maybe having another. I have real confidence in the medical team at HC Marbella. I also think that Aria Medical Group offer very fair pricing’.


Marc is 68 and has been thinking about having upper eye lid surgery for over a year. ‘I remember being told it’s best to wait a while for surgery. If you have it a little later in life, then the results will last.  So I knew it was the right time and Dr. Marco Vricella had been recommended to me.


The consultation was thorough, but it was reassuring to hear that an upper blepharoplasty is a fairly routine procedure conducted under sedation, so the any risks are greatly reduced.

The Procedure

I was set to be the first patient of the day, so arrived at the HC Marbella private hospital before 8am.  Tanya, the Aria Medical Group Specialist Cosmetic Surgery Nurse, was there to greet me and prepare me for the procedure. Then Dr. Marco met me, and then it was time to meet the anaesthetist and be sedated.

The next thing I knew it was 12.30pm and I was in the recovery room.

I have to say I cannot fault anyone in the team, the surgeon, anaesthetist, the theatre team, the nurses. I was very happy with the whole experience.

By the end of the day, I was collected by a friend and went home. I was very happy with the procedure. I had no side effects from the sedation, so nausea, nothing.

The Results

I clearly bruise easily. That was something I was not expecting!  I didn’t have any discomfort or pain, but my face was bruised from my eyes down to the bottom of my nose. It was a surprise.  The medical team were not concerned, and I kept in regular contact with Tanya and Dr. Vricella.

I also had to have small surgical plasters over the stitches for a week or so. They were a little irritating, but nothing that I couldn’t deal with.

I had my first check up at 1 week when the stitches were removed and then again at 2 weeks. I was told that bruising normally goes down by then, but in my case, it was still very visible. This continued for another week.  So I would say, if you are prone to bruising, bare that in mind as when plan to have the procedure. I am happy to talk about the procedure, but if you want to do upper eye lid surgery discreetly, maybe you need to allow enough time to recovery in privacy.

I am very happy following the procedure and I am really looking forward to seeing the full results once all the swelling and bruising has disappeared.

I am impressed by the pricing from Aria Medical Group. I am aware of prices for cosmetic surgery in the UK, and I think that Aria Medical Group offer very fair prices. The quality of the surgery, hospital care and service is very high, and the price is not over the top.

Maybe now I will choose to have another procedure. It’s a bit like eating chocolate; its hard just to have one square!



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