Time to Regain your Figure with the ‘tummy tuck’ procedure

For many summer can be a time of year that is uncomfortable not just for the heat, but also because of the way they feel when wearing swimwear.

It’s no secret that for a healthy summer body, a balanced diet, exercise and protection from the sun are important; but when it comes to stubborn fat deposits, and stretched stomach skin, then cosmetic surgery is typically the only answer.

Tummy Tuck

As a consequence of weight loss or pregnancies, many people suffer from excess skin and fat in the abdomen area.  If you’re lacking confidence about the way your abdomen looks, then you might be suitable for an Abdominoplasty (more commonly referred to as a ‘tummy tuck’). This procedure gives you the opportunity to rid yourselves of stretched and excess skin across the abdomen that cannot be improved through diet or exercise.

Abdominoplasty surgery greatly improves the profile and shape of the body and is often done in conjunction with liposuction to the hips (‘love handles’) in order to improve and reshape the waist.

However, it is worth noting that a tummy tuck is not a weight-loss procedure, although excess fat will be removed, giving a flatter stomach.

Kangaroo Pouch

One inspirational story from an Aria Medical Group client is of a 49-year-old woman with three grown up children.

“I had a kangaroo pouch any kangaroo would have been proud of, but it was the cause of much unhappiness and depression for me. My self-confidence was practically non-existent, and my weight had crept up to a size 16/18 in clothes. Having just had my tummy tuck and liposuction with Dr. Marco Vricella, I am feeling absolutely great and looking so much better. I can’t wait to wear all those size 12 dresses and, joy of joy, jeans hanging in my wardrobe that I thought I’d never get into again! I love my new shape and my fabulous flat tummy!”

Renewed Confidence 

Another tummy tuck client agrees the care is excellent and results are worth having surgery for. She says, “After thinking about it long and hard, and spending some considerable time soul searching and lacking in confidence, I finally decided I wanted to have a tummy tuck. Since having my daughter by emergency caesarean, I had a pouch around my stomach area. I had also gained a lot of weight during pregnancy which, although I lost most of it, I didn’t ever seem to be able to lose it from around my tummy.” Her surgery was such a success, she went on to later have breast surgery to further reclaim her silhouette and boost her well-being and self-confidence.

All client quotes are taken from genuine client testimonials, available on our website at www.ariamedicalgroup.com

Cosmetic Surgery with FREE Aftercare

Dr. Marco Vricella is well respected in Gibraltar, where he provides regular free consultations as well as personalised aftercare. ‘Together with my patient care coordinators I offer private consultations in Gibraltar – and my chief patient care coordinator and specialist nurses offer personalised aftercare for all clients’.

Dr. Vricella has conducted thousands of successful cosmetic procedures and uses the latest techniques and technology at the prestigious private HC Hospital in Marbella. ‘The HC Marbella Hospital has been established for many years and is one of the finest facilities in this part of the Mediterranean for surgical procedures’ explains Dr. Vricella. ‘The hospital is just two hundred metres from the sea, with beautiful gardens and luxuriously appointed private guest rooms, with full 24-hour medical support. The private hospital has exceptionally well-equipped operating theatres and dedicated post-surgical care. It is internationally renowned’.


Procedures available from Aria Medical Group include:

+ Breast Augmentation

+ Breast Uplift

+ Breast Reduction

+ Tummy Tuck

+ Liposuction

+ Facial Injections

+ Face Lifts

+ Eyebag Removal

+ Rhinoplasty

Dr. Vricella holds free consultations in Madrid, Marbella & Gibraltar throughout the year – for dates and to book an appointment please call + 34 671 639  353 or email info@ariamedicalgroup.com


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