From Tired Looking Eyes…to Looking 10 Years Younger

Blepharoplasty (eyelid) cosmetic surgery is a procedure to improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes. Louise Truelove, Chief Patient Care Coordinator at Aria Medical Group, underwent this eyelid surgery, and tells us more.


Why did you choose to have surgery?

I was 47 and I felt I looked tired. I’m not over weight and I take good care of my skin, using quality products. Yet there wasn’t anything I could do about the bags over my upper eyelids. Every morning I would have difficulty with my eye make-up too, so I felt it was time to do something about it. There are many options for wrinkles but only surgery can have a long-term effect on upper and lower eye bags.

Eye surgery can be for lower or upper lids – which procedure did you choose?

I had upper eyelid surgery. I don’t have bags under my eyes, so I just wanted to correct the problem of the excess skin and fat that was weighing down onto my eyelids. This came with ageing, and exercise and diet cannot reverse it.

Tell us more about the procedure.

After my private consultation with Dr. Marco Vricella at Aria Medical Group, I then had the pre operative tests. These included a blood test, an ECG heart scan and a chest x-ray. I also met with the Clinical Services Director who went through my medical history and discussed aftercare. This all takes about an hour or so, making it easy for anyone to balance with home or work commitments.

On the day of my surgery, I arrived an hour before my appointment. I was given a private room at the exclusive HC International Hospital in Marbella. Here I changed into a theatre gown and then I was taken to the pre-surgical room where my ‘pre-op’ photos were taken. I then met with Dr. Vricella who marked my eyes with a pen, to show the areas for surgery.

In theatre I was given an anesthetic, so I was unaware of the 45-minute procedure. However, it was not a general anesthetic, so recovery was quick, without the need for an overnight stay. I spent less than 2 hours in the recovery room afterwards, before I was given something to eat and I was ready to be collected and driven home by my husband.

And the Aftercare?

There are some stitches where the excess skin and fat was removed. These were covered with adhesive sterile strips, so I had to keep my face dry for a week, so that meant being very careful in the shower.

After a week, the stitches were removed. The healing tissue was protected with adhesive strips for a further few days. My colleagues at Aria Medical Group were on hand 24 hours a day as part of the aftercare service, to answer any questions.

In terms of discomfort, it was very mild. The adhesive strips can itch slightly, but recovery was easy to deal with. I joke that I have had bikini waxes that have been more painful!

It takes a week for the bruising to go down, so if you want to have this procedure discreetly and not tell people, then schedule it so you have at least a week or two when you don’t need to be out meeting people. If it is for an important social occasion like a wedding, then allow at least 8 weeks for complete recovery.

Did others comment on the results when they saw you?

The results are excellent. Dr. Vricella prides himself on natural looking results, avoiding the “surprised” look.  People notice that one’s face is younger, healthier looking but they don’t always know exactly why.

So, not only do I feel so much more confident and younger, but friends comment that I look well – as if I had just come back from a relaxing holiday.

FIND OUT MORE – FREE, private, consultation

If you’re interested to find out more, then a consultation with a qualified surgeon is the best way to become informed. That’s why Dr. Marco Vricella always meets every person that is considering a procedure with Aria Medical Group.

To book a free and private consultation in Gibraltar at College Clinic, contact Aria Medical Group:

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