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Mrs D - Gibraltar


I had my tummy operated on when I was 32 years old and I have never been happier.

I was physically fit, however after two pregnancies (weighing 9.6lbs and 8.5lbs) which were both being c-sections and an appendix operation when I was younger had left me with a very big scar, a big bulge of wobbly excess skin hanging down and not to mention the awful stretch marks!
As you can imagine my stomach was a mess.
I had tried everything: expensive diets, gym membership, even replacing all my knickers for the Bridget Jones style ones! I was losing weight around my body, however my belly kept sagging.
I started to think “this is my life now betterget used to it!”
I did everything possible to dodge photos as I felt like a lump. It wasn’t until I was looking at my Facebook photos at home one night, I noticed I had no photos with my children!

The following day I had a appointment with the dentist and in the waiting room I picked up a magazine which advertised free consultations with a surgeon who performed Tummy Tucks. I booked the appointment at the College Clinic, feeling a bit nervous... I was thinking I’m going to get “The Bulge” out in front of a man who isn’t my husband!

When I arrived I met his lovely Patient Coordinator Louise. She totally puts your mind at ease. I filled out the normal personal history forms then met Dr Vricella, who was very professional and explained everything to me, what he was able to do and not able to do.


After leaving the consultation I made my mind up! I was having this procedure done. Dr Vricella informed me he only performed this operation in the cold months, due to having to wear a garment (like a old fashioned swim suit) for 6 weeks after the op. I booked my time off work.
I also decided to have some liposuction on my hips and thighs to improve the results even further; I thought I might as well, I'm on the table anyway!

I paid the deposit and booked 3 weeks off work. The day of the operation arrived and I booked into the HC International Hospital and they directed me to my private room with its own bathroom. I had previously requested that my husband could have a bed set up next to me, which was already there.
The nurses arrived and gave me the operation gown and surgical stockings and then I was wheeled down to Theatre. Dr Vricella arrived, which really put my mind at rest. He drew some lovely blue lines on my tummy and hips! I then met the Anaethetist and while I was chatting away to him I drifted off to sleep. The next thing I know, I’m awake in my room with my husband who was watching the football on the TV.

I was placed in a strange position on the bed, which in the end became very comfortable. I was given some great drugs which kept the pain away and the nursing staff checked on me regularly. The chef comes in and ask what food you would like! Anything you want, better food than some 5* hotels I’ve stayed in.


I was placed in a strange position on the bed, which in the end became very comfortable. I was given some great drugs which kept the pain away and the nursing staff checked on me regularly. Then the chef came in and ask what food you would like! I could order what I wanted - it was better food than some 5* hotels I’ve stayed in.

In all honesty it was the Liposuction which was the most uncomfortable. When you start walking around you can feel it a bit, but if you have had a c-section before this is a walk in the park. I had 2.6lbs of saggy skin removed from my tummy and a litre of fat from each hip.

I was home on sick leave for 2 weeks, bruised on the hip and upper thighs from the liposuction, but I was able to work from home at week 3 and back in the office at week 4, of course wearing the garment daily, which also becomes a comfort support for you which i actually missed when I didn't need it anymore


The scar is very low and I love being back in my miniskirts this summer. I even went to a nice lingerie shop and brought a few matching sets and new bikinis which I wear with confidence. I never realized how low my confidence was with my body until after this operation. My relationship with my husband is back to what it was when we first met, I go out with my friends more, and most importantly I’m posing in photos with my kids.

I show my operation scar to everyone, as I’m so proud of the results. Some people think I’m crazy for having it done, however the way I see it, if you have a problem/illness with your body then you would see a doctor to get it sorted. That’s what I did with my tummy tuck.
Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!

Breast Augmentation/Enlargement

It has now been 2 months since I had the augmentation and am thrilled with the results! The operation has boosted my self-confidence and I feel that this has been one of the best decisions I have ever taken. I definitely recommend Dr Vricella and his team to anyone considering undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Mrs. C., Gibraltar
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Everyone can see the difference! I of course look slimmer and I can tell you, my husband is very happy! I’m telling my close friends about the cosmetic surgery – I am so proud of it! I can’t wait for summer – already buying new clothes!

Mrs. JCN, Gibraltar
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I decided to get some advice from Dr Vricella as two colleagues at work had had surgery performed by him. During my consultation Dr Vricella explained the procedure very clearly and in a manner which was very re-assuring.

Mrs C.L., Malaga
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