Breast Reduction

For Cara each day was marked by pain and discomfort; yet not from a chronic disease. Cara had very full, ample breasts, causing back and neck pain, as well as frequent migraines, whilst her bra straps cut into her shoulders.

Since being a teenager, Cara had a cup size of 30FF. Her breasts were out of proportion with her petite frame; making her not only feel self-conscious but also affecting her daily life, causing discomfort. ‘Each day I couldn’t wait until the moment when I could take off my bra – the weight on my shoulders was a nightmare’. Her ample breasts also significantly affected her enjoyment of an active, sporty lifestyle and affected her posture.
‘I used to wear baggy clothes to try a disguise the size of my breasts, yet I wasn’t over-weight’ explains Cara. She continues, ‘The joke was that I didn’t wear a bra, but more a “hammock”!’
Yet the reality was no laughing matter for Cara. She enjoys running, golf and other sports, but having large breasts made activity uncomfortable and difficult.
‘I was referred to an NHS surgeon some years ago, when I lived in the UK’ confirms Cara. ‘I knew I had to do something about my bust, but after the Breast Reduction consultation and learning more about the procedure, I didn’t feel right about it’ she explains. ‘Surgical techniques have clearly advanced greatly over the last 15 – 20 years, but back then the operation seemed unsophisticated with the nipples being completely removed and then sewn back on again, leaving me without sensitivity. Also, I was in a relationship with a partner that didn’t really support my desire to have such a big operation. In addition, my professional career had really taken off and I just couldn’t find the time to take out for the procedure. So over the years I kept delaying the decision to go ahead.’
It wasn’t until Cara was 46 that she decided to proceed with a Breast Reduction.
‘The time was just right. I have a new partner who is really supportive of me having a cosmetic procedure. Also modern techniques now are far less invasive,
Cara had discovered Aria Medical Group through Louise Truelove, their chief Patient Care Coordinator. She arranged a consultation with surgeon Dr. Marco Vricella.
‘I knew I wanted to go-ahead with a breast reduction. I had done quite a lot of research before my consultation, reading case studies, and discovering background information about the procedure. I would really recommend any woman interested this procedure to read up about it before the consultation as then you can go into the meeting with a list of all the question you want to ask the surgeon.’
‘During my private consultation Dr. Marco Vricella was excellent. As a working professional, I really appreciated his precise and methodical approach. He never tried to convince me to go ahead.’
He simply focused on each aspect of the procedure detailing what I should expect, the potential risks of surgery and the recovery period. He wouldn’t confirm the exact size I would have after the op. but he understood perfectly that I needed to reduce the weight and volume of my bust’.

Four weeks after the consultation, Cara went ahead with the surgery. ‘For me it was a question of trust. I had complete confidence in Dr. Vricella and his team’ confirmed Cara.
She stayed at Aria’s luxury private hospital in her own private room for two nights before returning home for recuperation.
Dr. Marco Vricella said the procedure went very well, with a very pleasing looking result as well as a breast reduction to 30D.

‘The following day after the reduction, Dr. Marco Vricella visited me in my room to see how I was. He gently removed the bandaging and with a mirror showed me the results. Even with the post-op swelling it was clear my new bust was considerably reduced’ says Cara.
‘I was told the operation was almost 4 hours long, so quite significant yet I felt good. I took painkillers for about 10 days afterwards, but I have to say I wasn’t in any real pain. Dr. Vricella explained that since muscle was not affected in the procedure, just the removal of tissue, the discomfort would be manageable.
‘It wasn’t until I was having my check-up a week after the procedure that I was able to properly see my breasts. I was so happy! The breasts looked in proportion with my body. The incision around the nipple wasn’t visible, whilst other incisions were neatly hidden under the breast. There was one very fine line down the front of each breast, but already after a week it was very discreet. I was over-joyed’.
Cara, as with all Aria Medical Group clients, benefited from the firm’s free aftercare service, which includes check-ups after week 1, week 2, then again after month 1, month 3, and at month 6…and then after 1 year.
‘The aftercare was wonderful. The recovery period was fine. Admittedly I did schedule plenty of time off to take it easy, and I took my healthy eating seriously with lots of fresh food, fruit and juices. I was determined that I would heal well. The only thing I struggled with was sleeping on my back for a month, as I normally like to sleep on my side’.

‘I am so happy with the results. I would say to any woman that is considering this procedure not to delay the decision!’
‘The results for me have been wonderful.’
‘Dr. Vricella is clearly more than just a talented surgeon, he really values aesthetics. The skill and care with which he performed my procedure is something my partner and I really value. My breasts look and feel great.’
‘My breast reduction is fantastic! I am so happy with it. I’ve retained complete sensitivity in my breasts and nipples and they look great. The lines from the incisions are so good that even now, so soon after surgery, they are hardly noticeable. I can’t wait for summer!’
‘My clothes fit so much better, and I am able to truly enjoy sport. What’s more the scars and grooves in my shoulders from years of wearing a heavy bra are already softening. I don’t feel any discomfort anymore in my back and neck and I don’t get migraines any more. I feel that this has been a real investment in my long term health and well-being. I think Marco is brilliant!’


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