Mrs L

Breast Lift together with Abdominoplasty

I can’t believe how the years have gone by – I’d put my surgery off for over 20 years! Before being a mother I thought I had a great figure, but after having my first child I was left with awful stretch marks; my skin was damaged.

My breasts were always large, but it wasn’t until I started to put on weight as I aged that I realised I needed a reduction. Before I turned to surgery I focused on weight-loss and exercise.

I managed to lose around 30 kilos in weight which I was proud of, but the effect on my skin and body wasn’t great; everything looked and felt as if it was sagged and had lost shape. My punishing gym routine reduced my breasts but left them looking ‘empty’.

I had put off surgery as I wasn’t sure if I was having more children, and somehow it got put to the back of the queue. But recently I just knew I had to go ahead and do something.

I had heard about Dr. Marco Vricella from a friend. She’d had a breast reduction and was ecstatic about the results and, although I had wanted surgery for many years, taking that final step to actually going through with it was quite daunting, especially when my thoughts turned to potential scarring and stories of less than inspiring results from other surgeons.

So, there was always that nagging doubt that I would regret it.

But I booked my consultation and discussed my desire to have a tummy tuck and a breast lift. I found Dr. Vricella to be honest and realistic in the consultation, explaining the procedures thoroughly, including expected outcomes and possibilities. I was told that Marco had a very good eye so would deliver a pleasing result; and I found him to be very professional and friendly.

It was suggested that I have both the abdominoplasty and breast uplift procedures at the same time. He was very informative regarding both the procedures and how the process would go. I felt confident to go ahead.

Dr. Vricella’s team is excellent.

Louise Truelove is the chief Patient Care coordinator and she is by your side throughout the process. I felt relaxed and reassured by her open and friendly personality. Her organizational skills are fantastic; she provided clear instructions throughout the entire process. I felt looked after from start to finish. Louise always made herself available whether to answer questions or just for a simple chat.

Tanya Keble is the Senior Clinical Services Coordinator, and she’s very thorough and professional yet down to earth. Her practical approach is very reassuring, and she offers clear and concise instructions on how best to deal with recovery. Again, I found her easy to reach – available always.

For me, the Aria Medical Group team made what could have been a daunting experience much less traumatic and everything went as smoothly as possible.

Surgery was at Marbella’s HC International Hospital. It’s a beautiful, private hospital, set in idyllic gardens and is impeccably clean with professional and friendly staff. It feels like a hotel in terms of the quality and privacy but the clinical services are state of the art.

In my experience the on-going aftercare has been excellent. Following the operation my pain was controlled remarkably well.

With regards to the tummy tuck I was fortunate enough to feel little to no pain. I had a very slight issue with a small part of the incision which took a little longer to heal, but Tanya was on top of it very quickly and it continued to heal well. It was that personalised responsive care that impressed me

My breast lift has given impressive results, although right after surgery I did feel a slightly uncomfortable pressure that continued off and on for about 2 weeks and a further burning sensation for 3 weeks as the nerves started to wake up – but my recovery has been excellent and the relative discomfort was absolutely worth it.

One of my concerns was having my drains removed following the tummy tuck. I explained this to Tanya and when she saw me at College Clinic, she was sensitive to this and the process went smoothly without the discomfort I had feared.

I went to College Clinic in Gibraltar for follow ups. In addition, Tanya was always on hand over the ‘phone and via messaging to keep me updated and reassured about the healing process. I could send pictures and ask questions which was a wonderful addition to the face to face meetings. I really appreciated the fact that I could call her 24 hours a day if I had anything I wanted to discuss.

I’m extremely pleased with the results and I highly recommend Dr. Marco & his team.

Every time I look at myself in the mirror I am wowed by the results!

Thanks to my breast lift and tummy tuck, my clothes fit better. I can put on a bikini again after all these years and feel great.

Before the surgery I used to buy and wear loose fitting clothes to disguise my figure. Now I can buy clothes that fit and friends comment that I look thinner and have a great figure. Colleagues also notice I look in better shape.

In short, the experience was truly worthwhile, even after all the years putting it off. Aria Medical Group is a professional team; Dr. Marco is a talented surgeon with a good aesthetic eye; and as a client and patient I felt well cared for by a team that always made themselves available.

Mrs. L – Gibraltar


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