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Breast Reduction – Enhancing Appearance; Improving Health

Breast Reduction is an example where a cosmetic surgery procedure delivers not only aesthetic benefits, and potentially higher self-esteem, but also proven health advantages too.

Do your heavy breasts cause you back and neck pain? Do you avoid active sports? Are your shoulders scarred by the weight of your bra? If so, this could be the time to consider a breast reduction. Dr. Marco Vricella can raise and reshape, and reduce large, sagging breasts, enhancing appearance and in many cases reducing back and neck pain, as well as skin irritation under the breasts. Gynaecomastia (excess breast tissue removal) is also available for men.

Book your private, confidential Consultation now – it is essential to become fully informed; to get answers to any questions you may have on matters such as pre- and post-surgery, considerations like breast-feeding, and what type and size of implant to choose, including our new Bi-Lite ‘lightweight’ options ideal for active women.

Whether you are considering Cosmetic Surgery in Marbella, Gibraltar or Madrid, we are able to offer FREE private consultations where you can ask Dr. Marco Vricella any questions you may have. In preparation for your consultation, we also offer information on Breast Reduction for men and women here on this website, including video information, Q&A, as well as introductory information.

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